Kardashian’s Release Kids Clothing Line but Mothers Aren’t Happy

Kardashian Kids clothing line launched exclusively at Babies R Us in the beginning of 2014. The clothing items range from onesies to two piece sets, jackets, caps, dresses and blankets and have a price range from $15-$30.

The highly anticipated line however has received more controversy than ever anticipated. While some people believe it's OK to dress your children in Kardashian's baby clothes, others disagree. One angry mother started a petition to ban Kardashian Kids from Babies R Us. In the petition, she claims that the clothing encourages children to become sex tape stars. She cites Toy’s R Us’ decision to remove the breaking bag toys from their stores because it promoted bad behavior like drug use and claims the clothing should be pulled because it too promotes bad behaviors. The petition has received over 1,200 signatures from hostile parents stating that the clothing is too provocative to be children’s clothing.

The most questioned article of clothing in the line is a short leatherette skirt which retails for $25. Other articles in the line include a leopard print onesie, black jumpers, and high collared shirts.

Kourtney, Kim, and Khloe Kardashian are not new to controversy. The Kardashian clan seemingly earn more money with more controversy, however, the sisters--two of them being mothers--had no intention to make waves with their new line of clothing. Both Kourtney and Kim said they were inspired to create the Kardashian Kid’s line after becoming mothers themselves and not being able to find the articles of clothing they dreamed of putting their young children in. The three sisters joined forces to create fashion that they’d want their children to wear. They describe the clothing as fun, stylish and functional. According to Kourtney, she dreamed of introducing the world to baby clothing that was fashionable and affordable.

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